BCCM coordination cell

Objectives of the BCCM coordination cell


1. support the BCCM consortium

  • assure the continuity of the consortium
  • coordinate, optimize and valorise the consortium


2. reinforce the national and international position of the BCCM consortium

  • contribute to the scientific renown of the consortium
  • act as an interface between the BCCM and policymakers and international organisations


The coordination team realises these objectives by means of 3 processes: coordination, project management and representation.

Within the “coordination” process, a common policy for the BCCM consortium is defined and implemented:


In the process of “project management” the way that projects are managed and coordinated is described.

Within the process of "representation" the planning, the preparation, the realisation, and the follow-up of all representation activities are managed.

Coordination, project management and representation of the BCCM consortium are ISO 9001:2008 certified.




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