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Species name: Pleurostomophora richardsiae (Nannf.) L. Mostert, W. Gams & Crous
Synonyms: Phialophora caliciformis G. Smith
Phialophora richardsiae (Nannfeldt apud Melin & Nannfeldt) Conant
Type of organism: Fungi
Medium: Medium S10, PDA, ME, 25°C
Pathogen class: H2

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Strain number: IHEM 5611   Add to cart
Name changes: Phialophora caliciformis G. Smith
Acronyms: CBS 302.62, IMI 89387, LCP 65.886, LSHB BB304, MUCL 9763

- type strain of Phialophora caliciformis

Original substratum: African mahogany wood (Khaya sp.)
Geographic Origin: United Kingdom, England, Princes Risborough, Forest Research Products Laboratory
Isolator: W.P.K. Findlay 1954
History: W.P.K. Findlay, 1954 -> G. Smith -> 1962, CBS -> 1968, MUCL -> 1991, IHEM


Strain number: IHEM 15136   Add to cart
Original substratum: subcutaneous human biopsy (longterm steroid therapy patient)
History: PHLS Central Public Health Laboratory, London -> 1998, IHEM


Strain number: IHEM 27152   Add to cart
Original substratum: human ear
Geographic Origin: France, Marseille
Isolator: University Hospital Timone Marseille 30 Aug. 2016
History: Laboratoire de Parasitologie et Mycologie, University hospital Timone, Marseille -> 2016, IHEM


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