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Species name: Auxarthron umbrinum (Boud.) G.F. Orr & Plunkett
Synonyms: Auxarthron brunneum (Rostr.) G.F. Orr & Kuehn
Type of organism: Fungi
Medium: Medium S10, OA, CMA, 25°C

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Strain number: IHEM 733   Add to cart
Name changes: Auxarthron umbrinum ((Boud.) G.F. Orr & Plunkett)
Original substratum: indoor wall (restaurant)
Geographic Origin: Belgium, Brussels
Isolator: IHEM 1981


Strain number: IHEM 23269   Add to cart
Name changes: Auxarthron thaxteri (J.G. Kühn) G.F. Orr & Kuehn
Acronyms: RV 23344
Original substratum: soil
Geographic Origin: USA, Salt Lake City
Isolator: G.F. Orr & Ch. De Vroey 1967
History: -> 1967, RV -> 1997, IHEM
Literature: Mycologia 64 (1972), 55-72


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