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Last data update: 26 June 2019 04:25 CEST  

Species name: Penicillium venetum (Frisvad) Frisvad
Synonyms: Penicillium hirsutum Dierckx var. venetum Frisvad
Type of organism: Fungi
Medium: Medium S10, PDA, ME, 25°C

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Recommended strain(s):

Strain number: IHEM 19610   Add to cart
Acronyms: ATCC 16025, CBS 201.57, CECT 2812, IMI 19759, MUCL 19012, QM 840
Original substratum: bulb of Hyacinthus sp.
Geographic Origin: United Kingdom, England
Isolator: A.S. Boughey 1947
History: 1957, IMI -> 2002, IHEM
Applications: fungus resistance testing of electrical and electronic equipment (British military specifications); project ISO/TR 11133: Microbiology of food & animal feeding stuff-guidelines on preparation & production of culture media


Other strain(s):

Strain number: IHEM 6661   Add to cart
Acronyms: IBT 5464
Original substratum: unknown origin
History: J. Frisvad -> 1992, IHEM


Strain number: IHEM 6662   Add to cart
Acronyms: IBT 10594
Original substratum: water from hot water tank
Geographic Origin: Denmark
History: J. Frisvad -> 1992, IHEM


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