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Last data update: 16 September 2019 04:13 CEST  

Species name: Saitozyma podzolica (Babeva & Reshetova) X.Z. Liu, F.Y. Bai, M. Groenew. & Boekhout
Alternate names: Candida podzolica Babeva & Reshetova
Alternate state synonyms: Cryptococcus podzolicus (Babeva & Reshetova) Golubev
Type of organism: Yeast
Medium: Medium S, 25°C

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Strain number: IHEM 26488   Add to cart
Name changes: Cryptococcus laurentii ((Kufferath) Skinner)
Acronyms: RV 71672, CBS 6442, IGC 4514, NCYC 2637, PYCC 4514
Original substratum: soil of beech forest
Geographic Origin: Denmark
History: V.I. Jensen -> CBS -> 1996, RV -> 1997, IHEM


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