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Last data update: 26 May 2019 04:15 CEST  

Species name: Phoma cava Schulzer
Type of organism: Fungi
Medium: Medium S10, PDA, ME, 25°C

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Strain number: IHEM 3833   Add to cart
Acronyms: B 42464, CBS 298.39
Original substratum: oak (Quercus sp.)
Geographic Origin: United Kingdom, forest of Dean
History: T.R. Peace -> 1939, CBS -> 1985, B -> 1988, IHEM


Strain number: IHEM 9685   Add to cart
Original substratum: green leaf of oak (Quercus ilex)
Geographic Origin: France, Rians
Isolator: M. Mallea 1987
History: INSERM Marseille -> 1993, IHEM


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