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Species name: Alternaria consortialis (von Thümen) J.W. Groves & Hughes
Synonyms: Macrosporium consortiale (von Thümen) E. Simmons
Pseudostemphylium consortiale (von Thümen) C.V. Subramanian
Stemphylium consortiale (von Thümen) Groves & Skolko
Stemphylium dendriticum Sousa da Camara
Ulocladium consortiale (von Thümen) E. Simmons
Type of organism: Fungi
Medium: Medium S10, PDA, ME, 25°C

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Strain number: IHEM 3701   Add to cart
Acronyms: ATCC 18046, ATHUM 2911, CBS 201.67, IMI 124945, MUCL 18562, QM 8446
Original substratum: dried fruit of mulberry (Morus sp.) imported from Afghanistan
Geographic Origin: USA, Washington State
History: E.G. Simmons -> 1967, CBS -> 1988, IHEM


Strain number: IHEM 10290   Add to cart
Acronyms: CBS 104.31

- type strain of Stemphylium dendriticum

History: M. de Sousa de Camara -> CBS -> 1997, IHEM


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