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Species name: Xenoacremonium recifei (Leão & Lôbo) L. Lombard & Crous
Synonym names: Acremonium recifei (Leão & Lôbo) W. Gams
Cephalosporium recifei Leão & Lôbo
Type of organism: Fungi
Pathogen class: H2
Name changes: Cephalosporium recifei Leão & Lôbo
Acronyms: CBS 137.35, MUCL 9696, RV 17050
Status: type strain of Cephalosporium recifei
Original substratum: human
Pathogenicity (underlying disease): mycetoma
Geographic Origin: Brazil
History: Leao & Lobo 1934 -> 1935, CBS -> 1965, RV -> 1989, IHEM
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