LMG restrictions

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Restrictions Explanation of restriction
Biohazard group 1 Consists of organisms that are unlikely to cause human disease. Should be handled under containment level 1. Can be distributed unrestrictedly to any bona fide teaching, research or industrial institution.
Biohazard group 2 Consists of organisms that may cause human disease and which might be a hazard to laboratory workers, but are unlikely to spread in the community. Laboratory exposure rarely produces infection and effective prophylaxis or effective treatment is available. Should be handled under containment level 2. Distribution is restricted to professional researchers in departments of microbiology in universities, in research and industrial institutions and to such personnel in diagnostic laboratories dealing with problems of infectious disease.
Opportunistic pathogen Opportunistic pathogens are generally defined as those organisms that can cause disease only in individuals who are compromised in either their innate or humoral immune defences.
Not yet assigned  
Listed as dual use organism in the European Union
Listed as quarantine organism in the European Union
In addition to the general BCCM MTA, for this strain a depositor's MTA is applicable, which prohibits the commercial use of this strain