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Speciesname: Pseudomonas putida (Trevisan 1889) Migula 1895 AL
Subjective synonyms: Arthrobacter siderocapsulatus Dubinina and Zhdanov 1975 AL
Species comment: Authentic Pseudomonas species.
Other collections' numbers: ATCC 12633; ATCC 23467; CCEB 848; CCUG 2091; CCUG 12690; CECT 324; CIP 52.191; CNCTC Ps 161/78; DSM 291; DSM 50202; DSM 50906; FIRDI 459; IAM 1236; ICMP 2758; ICPB 2484; ICPB 2693; IFO 14164; Jacob PF15; JCM 3697; KM 888; Kosako 85004; NCIB 9494; NCIB 9528; NCTC 10936; Palleroni # 90; PDDCC 2758; Stanier 90; Stanier A.3.12; USCC 2032; WDCM 00117
Genome sequenced strain: Yes
Restrictions: Biohazard group 1
Status: Type strain
Biological origin: soil by lactate enrichment
Geographic origin: United States
Depositor: Contopoulos B.
History: <- 1973, Contopoulos B. <- Stanier et al.
Conditions for growth: Medium 2, 28°C
Properties: Quality control of emulsion paint
Testing bacterial resistance of media
Degradation of aromatic acids
Degradation of aromatic compounds
Remarks: Biotype A. Culture contains two stable colony types giving identical gelelectrophoretic protein profiles (SDS-PAGE)
Test, Control and Bioassay strain
Nucleotide sequences & references: View related nucleotide sequences and references on StrainInfo website.
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