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Speciesname: Pseudomonas luteola Kodama, Kimura and Komagata 1985 VP
Objective synonyms: Chryseomonas luteola Holmes, Steigerwalt, Weaver and Brenner 1987 VP
Subjective synonyms: Chryseomonas polytricha Holmes, Steigerwalt, Weaver and Brenner 1986 VP
Other collections' numbers: ATCC 43273; CIP 102995; DSM 6975; Gilardi 4239; IAM 1300; JCM 3352; Kodama KS 0921; LMG 8814
Restrictions: Biohazard group 2
Status: Type strain
Biological origin: Wound
Depositor: IAM Culture Collection, The University of Tokyo Center for Cellular and Molecular Res.- Inst. of Molecular and Cellular Biosc
History: <- K.Kodama <- G.Gilardi (CDC group Ve-1)
Conditions for growth: Medium 2, 28°C
Remarks: Culture contains three stable colony types giving identical gelelectrophoretic protein profiles (SDS-PAGE)
Nucleotide sequences & references: View related nucleotide sequences and references on StrainInfo website.
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