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Speciesname: Carnobacterium maltaromaticum (Miller, Morgan and Libbey 1974) Mora, Scarpellini, Franzetti, Colombo and Galli 2003 VP
Objective synonyms: Lactobacillus maltaromicus Miller, Morgan and Libbey 1974 AL
Subjective synonyms: Carnobacterium piscicola (Hiu, Holt, Sriranganathan, Seidler and Fryer 1984) Collins, Farrow, Phillips, Ferusu and Jones 1987 VP
Lactobacillus carnis Shaw and Harding 1986 VL
Lactobacillus piscicola Hiu, Holt, Sriranganathan, Seidler and Fryer 1984 VP
Other collections' numbers: ATCC 43225; CIP 103043; DSM 20722; NCFB 2764; NCIMB 12234; Shaw LV61; strain LV61
Restrictions: Biohazard group 1
Biological origin: Refrigerated vacuum-packaged meat
Depositor: National Collection of Food Bacteria (NCFB)
History: <- 1990, National Collection of Food Bacteria (NCFB) (Carnobacterium piscicola) <- B.Shaw (Lactobacillus carnis)
Conditions for growth: Medium 217, 14, 30°C
Remarks: Type strain of Lactobacillus carnis
Nucleotide sequences & references: View related nucleotide sequences and references on StrainInfo website.
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