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Last data update: 22 January 2019  

Species name: Cephalothrix komarekiana


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Accession number: ULC718  Add to cart
Species name: Cephalothrix komarekiana
Species comment: -
History: This strain was deposited by Camila Malone
Origin: South America BRA // Brazil // Federative Republic of Brazil Mato Grosso do sul Pantanal da Nhecolandia Alkaline Lake
Medium: BG11
Growth temperature: RT
16S rRNA: KJ994514, view at GenBank
ITS: KJ994514, view at GenBank
Literature: Malone, C. D. S. F., Rigonato, J., Laughinghouse, H. D., Schmith, E. C., Bouzon, Z. L., Wilmotte, A., Fiore, M. F., & Sant'Anna,_x000D_ C. L. (2015). Cephalothrix gen. nov. (Cyanobacteria): towards an intraspecific phylogenetic evaluation by multilocus_x000D_ analyses. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 65, 2993–3007.


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