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Last data update: 22 January 2019  

Species name: Phormidium murrayi


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Species name: Phormidium murrayi
Species comment: -
History: Projet BELSPO AMBIO ( Collected in the Antarctic summer of 2003-2004. Isolated by Rafael Fernandez-Carazo (CIP, Ulg)
Origin: Antarctica ATA // Antarctica // Antarctica (the territory South of 60 deg S) Transantarctic Mountains Dufek massif Forlidas pond Microbial mat of the littoral zone 82° 27' 28" S 51° 16' 48" W
Medium: BG11
Growth temperature: 12
16S rRNA: EU852498.1, view at GenBank
ITS: EU852529.1, view at GenBank
Literature: Impoverished cyanobacterial diversity in biotopes of the_x000D_ Transantarctic Mountains (82 S). FEMS Microbial Ecology, 77, 503–517, 2011


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