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Last data update: 22 January 2019  

Species name: Timaviella circinata


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Species name: Timaviella circinata
Species comment: -
History: This strain is collected by I. Moro, N. La Rocca and K. Sciuto in 2012 in Italy and isolated by E. Moschin in 2013.
Origin: Europe ITA // Italy // Italian Republic Trieste Lampenflora, on rock surface in the Giant Cave
Medium: BG11
Growth temperature: 18
16S rRNA: LT634149, view at GenBank
ITS: LT634152, view at GenBank
Literature: Sciuto K., Moschin E., Moro I. (2017) Cryptic cyanobacterial taxa from the Giant Cave (Triste Italy) Hydrobiologia; Katia Sciuto, Emanuela Moschin, and Isabella Moro (2017) Cryptic Cyanobacterial Diversity in the Giant Cave (Trieste, Italy): The New Genus Timaviella (Leptolyngbyaceae) Cryptogamie, Algologie 38 (4), 285-323


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