BCCM monitors client's satisfaction and needs

BCCM is committed to providing its clients with the best quality services. In this spirit of continuous improvement, we organise regular client satisfaction surveys.

In 2016, for 3 collections (BCCM/DCG, BCCM/ITM and BCCM/ULC) the survey was addressed to clients for the supply of biological material. For the 4 other collections (BCCM/IHEM, BCCM/LMBP, BCCM/LMG and BCCM/MUCL), the survey was addressed to clients for scientific services.

More than 83% of the respondents is satisfied with our supply service and 97% is satisfied with the quality of our biological material.



The survey confirmed that a personalized and state-of-the-art service is important to the BCCM clients. The methods that we use to solve scientific questions are well-suited and all respondents stated that the services were realised in a reasonable time. Our reports contain the expected information.

We'll take actions to improve the search functions in our on-line catalogues and to simplify the on-line order procedure.



We appreciate that our users contact us in case they experience a problem with the biological material or our service, allowing us to offer them a solution.

On the question why they have chosen BCCM as service provider, respondents answered[1]: research-based expertise and competence (77%), high service quality (50%), fair prices (45%) and timely realisation of services (36%).

The results of our scientific services are mostly used[1] to help our customers in their scientific research projects (56%), quality control (34%) and industrial processes (24%) or for diagnostic purposes (22%).



96% of respondents stated that they would order their material or services again at BCCM and all of them would recommend BCCM to others.

56% of the respondents is interested in participating in trainings that are organised by the BCCM consortium. Training is indeed an activity that we will further develop in the next years as part of the BCCM strategic plan. A first common training session on preservation methods for micro-organisms will take place in September 2017.

We took notice of the future needs of our clients and will continuously develop our activities to be of best service to them.

In conclusion we can say that most respondents consider BCCM as a professional organisation, preserving and distributing good quality biological material and providing state-of-the-art scientific services.

Advertising by word of mouth seems to be the most frequent way of getting in touch with BCCM, so we thank all of our clients for transmitting a positive message to their colleagues. Because indeed, BCCM wants to be the solution partner for providing services of quality in microbial and genetic resources for academia and industry.



[1] Multiple answers were possible