High-quality plasmids at BCCM/GeneCorner thanks to Next-Gen Sequencing

To provide both its depositors and its customers with the highest quality standards, the BCCM/GeneCorner Plasmid Collection has implemented Next-Generation Sequencing as a default quality control test to check the authenticity of its new publicly deposited plasmids.

For this purpose, BCCM/GeneCorner appeals on the accurate sequencing service of seqWell (Beverly, Massachusetts, USA), using the plexWell™ technology.

BCCM/GeneCorner will process the sequence analysis results in view of a final sequence file and circular map linked to the online plasmid record. The raw sequence data themselves will be online accessible too.

Quality always has a price. However, a public deposit remains free of charge for our depositors and only a small additional fee will be asked for the distribution of sequenced plasmids.

More info in the BCCM/GeneCorner pricelist.

Date of publication: 
Monday, August 5, 2019