GeneCorner distributes the smallest high-copy cloning vector ever described.


pICOz, derived from pUC18, is a 1185-bp fully functional high-copy cloning plasmid with an extended multiple cloning site.

The engineering of this minimal vector and the potential use-cases for this tiny plasmid backbone are described in Staal et al., BioTechniques 66 (2019).

pICOz as well as its parental clones are publicly accessible via BCCM/GeneCorner.


Training on preservation of micro-organisms: Registration open untill end of June!


The correct preservation of micro-organisms is of the utmost importance. Culture collections are experts in the preservation and safekeeping of biological material. They use the most adequate method for each material type.

The BCCM consortium organizes its third hands-on training on preservation of micro-organisms (cyanobacteria, diatoms and (myco)bacteria), a seminar on management of a culture collection, and a seminar on gene technology.

NEW : BCCM/DCG Diatom Collection offers educational kits


Two educational kits are now available at BCCM/DCG:

  • Teaching set 'Start to grow', includes 2 strains (2 different species), 1 L medium and plasticware to start

  • Teaching set 'Morphology', consists of 8 strains (8 different species) and 1 L medium

    These sets are curently only available for schools in Belgium.

Prices for kits and other specific services can be found at our price list.