Training ‘Moulds in the indoor environment and outdoor air': next sessions (13-17 May 2019, 21-25 October 2019, 16-20 March 2020)


This 5-day course is organized in Brussels by BCCM/IHEM and introduces you to the mycology of the indoor and outdoor environment. Participants will observe over 80 different species, covering the largest part of the commonly encountered fungal diversity. For more information, click here.

-        13 - 17 May 2019: course given in French

-        21 - 25 October 2019: course given in Dutch

-        16 - 20 March 2020: course given in English




BCCM training on preservation of micro-organisms: REGISTRATION EXTENDED until 31/07 ! 1 place left for bacteria, a few for fungi, diatoms and cyanobacteria



The preservation of biological material is of primary interest for research but also for industrial applications. It is the mission of the BCCM consortium not only to preserve, but also to offer quality controlled, characterised and documented biological material. BCCM also offers its expertise through services and partnership projects.

Sciensano, the new host institution of BCCM/IHEM is officially launched


Since the 1st of April 2018, the BCCM/IHEM fungi collection is housed by Sciensano . This new federal institute was created from the merge between the former host institute, the Belgian Scientific Institute of Public Health (WIV-ISP), and the Veterinary and Agrochemical Research Centre (CODA-CERVA). Practically, there is no change in the management and functioning of BCCM/IHEM. It is rather the opportunity to reinforce its veterinary sub-collection and services.

International training: In vitro cultivation of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi at the laboratory of mycology hosting BCCM/MUCL


An international training course on the in vitro culture of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on excised roots (root-organ culture techniques) and autotrophic plants will be organised at the laboratory of mycology hosting BCCM/MUCL. The trainees will have the opportunity to manipulate the organisms (i.e. roots, whole plants and fungi) during each phase of the establishment of an in vitro culture.

Feedback on the BCCM training course on preservation of micro-organisms


A BCCM training was organized end of September 2017. The training enabled participants to follow, during one week, a one-day seminar on management of a culture collection, legal issues and Information management, a 3-days hands-on training (major) on the handling and preservation of bacteria, cyanobacteria and fungi as well as a one-day demo (minor) for these 3 different organisms or a seminar on new developments in gene and plasmid technology.