BCCM/LMG charges and fees for cultures and services

Last updated on 20 December 2019


Price list (applicable from 1st of January 2020)

excl. VAT
Non-Profit Profit
Supply samples from public collection    
Bacterial strains 76,00 107,00
Selected strains for teaching purposes
(applicable for schools and universities in Belgium only)
38,00 NA

gDNA (2.5 µg/tube) - 0.5 ml tube format, ready-for-distribution, see list

128,00 160,00
gDNA (2.5 µg/tube) - 1.5 ml tube format 181,00 212,00
Public deposit    
Deposit of strain in the public collection No charges No charges
Safe deposit    
Viability and purity check, preservation and the first year of safe-keeping 303,00 303,00
Annual maintenance fee, incl. one yearly viability test, its report, and forwarding the subculture if requested (mailing costs not included) 89,00 89,00
Release of a sample 61,00 61,00
Preparation of a new batch of samples for long-term storage 232,00 232,00
Patent deposits (Budapest Treaty)    
Storage 665,00 665,00
Viability statement with test performed 60,00 60,00
Viability statement based on most recent test performed 25,00 25,00
Supply of a sample 90,00 90,00
Communication of information on the most recent scientific description 25,00 25,00
Delivery of attestation on later indication or amendment of the scientific description 25,00 25,00
Preparation of a batch of freeze-dried samples for long term storage 300,00 300,00
Freeze drying third party’s culture    
10 ampoules 229,00 229,00
20 ampoules 339,00 339,00
Larger quantities and other forms On request On request
Storage third party’s biological material    
Storage over liquid nitrogen of third party’s vials containing frozen biological material; per vial per year 11,00 11,00

An administration fee of 19,00 EUR is applied per invoice.

Major reductions are applied for large numbers of vials.

Service analyses(1)    
MALDI-TOF MS 99,00 99,00
Partial 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis 142,00 142,00
Nearly complete 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis 168,00 168,00
Phylogenetic study based on nearly complete 16S rRNA gene sequence 416,00 416,00
Sequence analysis of housekeeping genes 387,00 387,00
AFLP™ DNA-fingerprinting (1 primer combination, in case of minimum 3 cultures) 215,00 215,00
Based upon assembled WGS data On request On request
AFLP™ DNA-fingerprinting (1 primer combination) 215,00 - 260,00 215,00 - 260,00
RAPD fingerprinting (4 primers) 122,00 122,00
Customized microbial diversity studies    
Cultivation-dependent using MALDI-TOF-MS On request On request
Bacterial counting analysis On request On request
Whole genome sequence analysis (WGS)    
incl. DNA extraction and delivery of raw reads 300,00 300,00
mol% G+C content On request On request
Phenotypic characterization    
Metabolic tests (e.g. API®, BIOLOG) 56,00-71,00 56,00-71,00
Fatty acid analysis (FAME) 86,00 86,00
Antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) 101,00 101,00
Microbial bioassay On request On request
Training & consultancy On request On request

(1) Service reports are included in the price.


Additional charges

Bacterial cultures are routinely forwarded in freeze-dried form.

A cultivation fee of 40 EUR will be added for bacterial cultures not available in freeze dried form.

A cultivation fee of 50 EUR will be added for requesting actively growing cultures which are available in freeze dried form.


VAT (21%) will be charged, if applicable.

Each order of biological material is subject to a handling, packaging and shipping fee.

The shipping fee includes the costs for sending the material by courier (DHL in most cases).

In exceptional cases, bacterial strains are supplied frozen on dry ice. An extra fee for the dry ice and special packaging will be charged.

Prices will be given upon request.


Ordering information and material transfer agreement

How to submit an order

  • First orders
    • Orders should be in writing, preferably by e-mail using your company's or institute's e-mail account.
      Please mention a purchase order number in your e-mail (or attach your purchase order) if required by your Financial Department.
      Biological materials will not be shipped to private addresses.
  • Next orders, using your BCCM/LMG customer number a

 a The BCCM/LMG customer number is mentioned on the delivery note following your first order.


Specifications to be mentioned in the order form/letter for strain supply

For strains from the public collection, please specify:

    • the exact identification of the requested materials (name and LMG strain number);
    • the form of supply: freeze-dried, active, genomic DNA;
    • the invoice address if different from the delivery address + name and phone number of a contact person;
    • whether you prefer to pay by bank transfer or by credit card (in case of credit card a surcharge of 1,5 % will be added to the total amount of the invoice);
    • your international courier account number (DHL, FedEx,… ) if you want to use your own courier in which the transport costs will be charged directly to your account;
    • VAT (Value Added Tax) number, if existing.
  • The release and the use of biological material from the public BCCM/LMG collection are subject to the terms of the BCCM Material Transfer Agreement (MTA), and may be subject to extra restrictions, which you will find in the catalogue description of the particular material, more specifically in the field ‘Restrictions’
  • For samples from the safe and patent deposit collection, please contact BCCM/LMG.