Characterisation of biological material



Plasmids and DNA libraries



Bacteria Collection (BCCM/LMG)

Service analyses at BCCM/LMG

A broad range of service analyses are available to profit and non-profit customers for the identification, typing and characterization of bacteria. In addition, BCCM/LMG also offers assays for antimicrobial susceptibility testing and microbiological activity testing.

Techniques are chosen case by case based on a number of preliminary tests and taking into account the aim of the assignment. Well-validated and up-to-date in-house databases and specialized software are used for optimal data processing and interpretation.

Service reports are included in the price, and can be either summarized or detailed as requested by the customer. Information about service prices can be found in our price list.





Microbial diversity studies


Bacterial counting


Phenotypic characterization




Cyanobacteria Collection (BCCM/ULC)

Identification and characterization at BCCM/ULC

Cyanobacterial strains can be sent for identification by a polyphasic approach: microscopic observations and molecular characterization based on a part of the rRNA operon (including the 16S rRNA and the ITS). A phylogenetic analysis will be done.

Other molecular techniques may be chosen case by case based on a number of preliminar data and taking into account the aim of the assignment.
Reports can be either summarized or extended according to the instructions of the customer.
A cost estimate is made on request.



Fungi Collection: Human & Animal Health (BCCM/IHEM)

Service analyses at BCCM/IHEM




Typing and assays


Genomic DNA extraction


“On demand” custom services

BCCM/IHEM can also accommodate for the specific fungal analyses that your lab might require. Let us know what you are looking for, and we will discuss how we can meet your needs.


Agro-food & Environmental Fungal Collection (BCCM/MUCL)

Service analyses at BCCM/MUCL

A range of service analyses are available including counting, isolation, identification, and characterization of fungi.

BCCM/MUCL also offers assays for material resistance testing and for the performance of fungicides.

BCCM/MUCL performs analyses of ex-situ samples and on-site sampling to detect possible fungal presence.

Samples of clinical origin cannot be accepted at BCCM/MUCL. For potential analysis of clinical samples the BCCM/IHEM collection should be contacted.

State of the art identification techniques, including DNA sequences analysis, are chosen based on preliminary observations such as the light-microscopic morphology and in consideration of the assignments aim and the customers’ requirements.

Service reports are included in the prices.


Counting and isolation

  • Detection of fungal contaminants in production system/products (culture, colony count, isolation on suitable media, identification)
  • Spore sampling (arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi)
  • Root colonization test (arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi)
  • Most Probable Number assay (arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi)











Plasmid Collection (BCCM/GeneCorner)

Plasmid profile analysis

By default, this customized contract service allows the analysis of non-pathogenic, bacterial strains for the presence of natural, middle- and high-copy number plasmids of max. 20.000 bp by agarose gel electrophoresis of non-digested plasmid DNA.

Before sending material, it is advisable to contact BCCM/GeneCorner to make sure that the material to be analysed is within its scope and technical capabilities, to discuss extra requirements (e.g. low copy plasmid profile, large plasmids profile, …) and to be informed of the price offer.

Sequence analysis of non-characterised plasmids

Please contact BCCM/GeneCorner.