Course: Fungi of the indoor and outdoor human environment at BCCM/IHEM in 2016

In 2016, two sessions of the course “Fungi of the indoor and outdoor environment” will be held. This five-day course is organized at the Scientific Institute of Public Health by the BCCM/IHEM collection of biomedical fungi at the following dates:

  • 14-18/03/2016
  • 10-14/10/2016
  • 05-09/12/2016

The course is strongly focused on the practice of recognizing the most common fungi. About 80 species will be treated during the microscopy sessions. These sessions are alternated with theoretical lessons: general mycology, taxonomy, terminology, sampling methods, molecular tools for identification.

We can accept up to 6 participants per session. The spring session will be given in French. The autumn session will be given in either French or English, depending on the participants. The December session will be in Dutch. Registration costs 900 euro. Please contact Dr. D. Stubbe for info and registration: