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ULC 0072 - Leptolyngbya cf. foveolarum O-701

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Accession numberULC 0072
Taxonomic nameLeptolyngbya cf. foveolarum O-701
Other collection numbersIt was strain O-701 in the col
Species commentThe strain was sent to us by Prof. Warwick Vincent (Université Laval), Québec, Canada.
HistoryIt was isolated and used by the “Groupe de REcherche en REcyclage Biologique et Aquiculture” but with a mistake in the name as it was labelled as 'P. bonheri' in their publications. The strain has been isolated in lake Bogoria (Rift Valley) in Africa in the winter of 1986 (com. by J. De la Noue).
Geographic originAfrica, Kenya, Rift Valley
HabitatLake Bogoria
Growth temperature12 °C
16S rRNA-
LiteratureA. Dumas, G. Laliberté, P. Lessard, J. de la Noüe, Biotreatment of fish farm effluents using the cyanobacterium Phormidium bohneri, Aquacultural Engineering, 17, 57-68, 1998

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