BCCM/IHEM arrayed sets

Fungal strains can be ordered as « arrayed sets ». They consist of multi-well plates containing special beads coated with fungal propagules. It is the best way to order a large amount of strains at an advantageous price (see price list). Several sets are available depending on their use and they can be ordered by e-mail or fax.

The detailed lists of species and strains constituting the sets are available here. For more info on how to use these sets, watch the instruction video.

Teaching set “Morphology”

This 24-strains set provides an overview of the main morphologies encountered in filamentous fungi and yeasts: fungal cultures with different aspects, various modes of sporulation, different types of spores and conidiophores, fruiting bodies, etc. The set contains examples of well-known genera and common species (e.g. Aspergillus, Penicillium, Fusarium, Chaetomium).


Teaching set “Clinical”

This set provides the most frequent fungal pathogens encountered in clinical laboratories. It is designed to train lab technicians or students in their identification. The set is divided into 3 subsets (24 moulds, 12 yeasts and 12 dermatophytes) that can also be ordered separately.


Validation set

This set is designed for clinicians and scientists who want to validate a diagnosis method or any other relevant technique. In order to guarantee the highest quality, it is composed of fully characterized strains (DNA sequencing, controlled morphology, etc.). Moreover, each species is represented by three different strains to allow intra-specific validation. The customer is invited to choose his strains of interest among predefined lists of moulds, yeasts and dermatophytes. A selection of strains among the 3 lists is possible and it is not mandatory to ask for 3 strains per species (1 or 2 is also allowed). An order of minimum 9 strains is required to benefit from this service.