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Species name: Schwanniomyces vanrijiae var. vanrijiae
Synonym names: Debaryomyces vanrijiae (van der Walt & Tseuschner) Abadie & al. var. vanrijiae
Pichia vanrijiae van der Walt & Tscheuschner
Type of organism: Yeast
Acronyms: UCD 61.24, NRRL Y-7430, MUCL 27750, JCM 3657, IFO 0934, CCRC 21714, CBS 3024, ATCC 36247
Status: type strain of Pichia vanrijiae
Original substratum: soil
Geographic Origin: South Africa
History: J.P. van der Walt -> CBS -> 1997, IHEM
Applications: production of unsaturated steroids (U.S. Pat. 6,616,226)
Literature: CSIR Res Rep 325 (1975), 1-23

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