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Species name: Scedosporium boydii (Shear) Gilgado, Gené, Cano & Guarro
Synonym names: Cephalosporium boydii Shear
Polycytella hominis Campbell
Type of organism: Fungi
Pathogen class: H2
Name changes: Pseudallescheria boydii ((Shear) McGinnis, Padhye & Ajello)
Original substratum: human sputum
Geographic Origin: France, Giens
Isolator: J.Ph. Bouchara 6 Jun. 1998
History: University Hospital Angers -> 1998, IHEM
Literature: Anne-Cécile Normand, Carole Cassagne, Stéphane Ranque, Coralie L’Ollivier, Patrick Fourquet, Sam Roesems, Marijke Hendrickx and Renaud Piarroux, BMC Microbiology 13 (2013), 76
[DOI: 10.1186/1471-2180-13-76]

Alain Defontaine, Rachid Zouhair, Bernard Cimon, Jacqueline Carrère, Eric Bailly, Françoise Symoens, Mohammed Diouri, Jean-Noel Hallet, Jean-Philippe Bouchara, J Clin Microbiol 40 (2002), 2108-14
[DOI: 10.1128/JCM.40.6.2108-2114.2002]

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