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Species name: Trichophyton rubrum (A. Castellani) Sabouraud
Synonym names: Epidermophyton rubrum Castellani
Trichophyton fischeri Kane
Trichophyton fluviomuniense Miguens
Trichophyton kanei R.C. Summerbell
Trichophyton pervesii Catanei
Trichophyton raubitschekii Kane & al.
Trichophyton rodhainii Vanbreuseghem
Trichophyton rosaceum Sabouraud
Type of organism: Fungi
Pathogen class: H2
Original substratum: human toe nail
Pathogenicity (underlying disease): tinea unguium
Geographic Origin: Switzerland
Isolator: M. Monod 26/11/2018
History: M. Monod, University Hospital Vaudois, Lausanne -> 2019, IHEM
Applications: resistant to terbinafine. SQLE mutation: H440Y
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