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Species name: Komagataella phaffii Kurtzman
Synonym names: Pichia pastoris (Guilliermond) Phaff
Type of organism: Yeast
Geographic Origin: Switzerland
History: M. Monod, University Hospital Vaudois, Lausanne -> 2019, IHEM
Mutant: GMO: recombinant protein production (Aspergillus fumigatus)
Applications: aspartic endopeptidase Pep2. (Reichard et al.; 2000a). AFUA_3G11400; XP_754479; XM_749386 (+) Vacuolar and possibly secreted (Reichard et al., 2000a); orthologue of S. cerevisiae proteinase A or saccharopepsin (MER00941).
Literature: Reichard U, Cole GT, RĂ¼chel R, Monod M, Int J Med Microbiol 290 (2000), 85-96
[DOI: 10.1016/S1438-4221(00)80111-3]

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