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Species name: Gymnascella hyalinospora ((Kuehn, Orr & Ghosh)) Currah
Synonym names: Arachniotus hyalinosporus (Kuehn, Orr & Ghosh) Apinis
Narasimhella hyalinospora (Kuehn, Orr & Ghosh) von Arx
Pseudoarachniotus hyalinosporus Kuehn, Orr & Ghosh
Rollandina hyalinospora (Kuehn & al.) Orr & al.
Type of organism: Fungi
Name changes: Narasimhella hyalinospora ((Kuehn, Orr & Ghosh) von Arx)
Pseudoarachniotus hyalinosporus (Kuehn, Orr & Ghosh)
Acronyms: CBS 548.72, IMI 99725, NRRL 2881
Status: type strain of Pseudoarachniotus hyalinosporus
Original substratum: guinea pig dung
Geographic Origin: India, Orissa, Cuttack
Isolator: G.R. Gosh 1959
History: -> NRRL -> CMI -> 1987, IHEM
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