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Species name: Lophophyton gallinae (Mégnin) Matruchot & Dassonville
Synonym names: Arthroderma grubyi (Georg, Ajello, Friedman & Brinkman) Ajello, Weitzman, McGinnis & Padhey
Nannizzia grubyia Georg, Ajello, Friedman & Brinkman
Alternate state names: Microsporum gallinae (Mégnin ex Guéguen) Grigoraki
Type of organism: Fungi
Name changes: Microsporum vanbreuseghemii (Georg, Ajello, Friedman & Brinkman)
Acronyms: RV 34557
Original substratum: single microconidial isolate from a cat isolate of Dr L. Morganti
Geographic Origin: Italy
Isolator: A. Padhye
History: L. Morganti -> A. Padhye -> 1976, RV -> 1987, IHEM
Sexual state: mating type +
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