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Species name: Candida albicans (Robin) Berkhout
Synonym names: Candida africana H.-J. Tietz, Hopp, Schmalreck, Sterry & Czaika
Candida claussenii Lodder & Kreger-van Rij
Candida langeronii Dietrichson ex van Uden & Buckley
Candida nouvelii Saëz
Candida stellatoidea (C.P. Jones & Martin) Langeron & Guerra
Candida truncata Vanbreuseghem
Endomyces albicans (Robin) Vuillemin
Monilia albicans (C.P. Robin) Zopf
Oidium albicans C.P. Robin
Syringospora albicans (Robin) Dodge
Syringospora claussenii van der Walt
Syringospora stellatoidea van der Walt
Type of organism: Yeast
Pathogen class: H2
Name changes: Endomyces albicans (Robin) Vuillemin
Acronyms: NRRL Y-79, NCYC 854, MUCL 38887, IP 1180.79, IFO 1393, DSM 1665, CBS 2730, B 41838, ATCC 2091
History: R. Chodat -> IP -> 1985, B -> 1988, IHEM
Applications: sterility testing (Br. Pharmacopeia, v.2, pp. A191-A195, 1988); media testing (ibid., v.2, pp. A197-A200, 1988); produces aspartyl proteinase (J. Gen. Microbiol. 139: 1177-1186, 1993; Infect. Immun. 61: 2030-2036, 1993). Reference strain for antifungal activity testing (NF T 72-200, NF T 72-202, NF T 72-190, NF T 72-281)
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