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Species name: Saccharomyces cerevisiae Hansen
Synonym names: Saccharomyces aceti Santa Maria
Saccharomyces acidosaccharophillus Kawano & al.
Saccharomyces beticus Marcilla ex Santa Maria
Saccharomyces carlsbergensis Hansen
Saccharomyces chevalieri Guilliermond
Saccharomyces cordubensis Santa Maria
Saccharomyces coreanus Saito
Saccharomyces diastaticus Andréws & Gilliland ex van der Walt
Saccharomyces ellipsoideus Reess
Saccharomyces fructuum Lodder & Kreger-van Rij
Saccharomyces gaditensis Santa Maria
Saccharomyces hienipiensis Santa Maria
Saccharomyces italicus Castelli
Saccharomyces lindneri Guilliermond
Saccharomyces logos van Laer & Denamur
Saccharomyces mangini Guilliermond
Saccharomyces mangini var. tetrasporus Dekker
Saccharomyces norbensis Santa Maria
Saccharomyces oleaceus Santa Maria
Saccharomyces oleaginosus Santa Maria
Saccharomyces onubensis Santa Maria
Saccharomyces oviformis Osterwalder
Saccharomyces oxidans Santa Maria
Saccharomyces prostoserdovii Kudriavtsev
Saccharomyces steineri Lodder & Kreger-van Rij
Saccharomyces uvarum Beijerinck
Saccharomyces willianus Saccardo
Alternate state names: Candida robusta Diddens & Lodder
Type of organism: Yeast
Acronyms: NRRL Y-567, NCYC 87, NCTC 10716, MUCL 30115, DSM 1333, CCRC 20822, CBS 2978, B 42428, ATCC 9763
Original substratum: distillery yeast
History: L.J. Wickerham -> ATCC -> B -> 1988, IHEM
Applications: assay of: amphotericin (Brit. Pharmacopoeia 1988, v. 2, pp. A147-A152, 1988), candicidin and amphotericin B (Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Part 436, 1987; U.S. Pharmacopeia, 22nd rev., pp.1488-1493, 1990; Kavanagh, F., ed. Analytical microbiology, Vol. 2. New York: Academic Press; pp. 162-163 and 173-175; McGinnis, M.R. Laboratory handbook of medical mycology. New York: Academic Press, 1980: pp. 412-419), nystatin (ibid., pp. 164-170 and 175-179; Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Part 446.181, 1987; Brit. Pharmacopeia 1988, v.2, pp. A147-A152, 1988), antifongine (U.S. Pat. 3,052,605), nystatin in feeds (AOAC Methods 974.48,1990; J. Assoc. Off. Anal. Chem. 57: 536-540, 1974), and natamycin (U.S. Pharmacopeia, 22nd rev., pp. 1488-1493, 1990; Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Part 436, 1987); cylinder -plate assay of nystatin and anisomycin in body fluids, feeds, milk and pharmaceutic preparations (Antibiot. Chemother 7: 639-640, 1957); antifungal susceptibility testing (J. Clin. Microbiol. 32: 1625-1628 and 1650-1653, 1994); sterility testing (J. Pharm. Sci. 60: 1087-1088, 1991); produces: arginase (Plant Cell Physiol. 14: 641-651, 1973) nicotinic acid (Biotechnol. Bioeng. 24: 1319-1325, 1982) and ethanol from saccharified whole corn mash (Biotechnol. Lett. 4: 809-814, 1982); invertase activity (J. Biol. Chem. 255: 6387-6391, 1980); oligosaccharide transfer in microsomes (ibid., 255: 11892-11895, 1980); no vitamin requirement (Brit. Pharmacopeia 1980, v. 2, p. A123,1980)
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