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Species name: Nannizzia gypsea (Nannizzi) Stockdale
Synonym names: Arthroderma gypseum (Nannizzi) Weitzman, McGinnis, Padhey & Ajello
Gymnoascus gypseus Nann.
Type of organism: Fungi
Pathogen class: H2
Acronyms: IFO 8231, ATCC 14683
History: -> CCTM -> 1988, IHEM
Applications: assay of griseofulvin in body fluids and pharmaceutical preparations (J. Pharm. Sci. 52: 586-588, 1963; Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Part 436, 1980; Kavanagh, F.; ed. Analytical Microbiology, Vol. 2. New York : Academic Press; 1972 : pp. 285-287)
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