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Species name: Chalaropsis punctulata Hennebert
Synonym names: Thielaviopsis punctulata (Hennebert) A.E. Paulin, T.C. Harr. & McNew
Alternate state names: Ceratocystis radicicola (Bliss) C. Moreau
Type of organism: Fungi
Acronyms: MUCL 8674, LCP 66.2029, CBS 167.67, ATCC 18454
Status: type strain of Chalaropsis punctulata Hennebert
Original substratum: roots of henna (Lawsonia ineRmis), palm plantation
Geographic Origin: Mauritania, Atar
Isolator: Inst. Français Rech. Fruitières Outre-Mer
History: IFAC, Paris -> ... -> 1966, LCP -> 1989, IHEM
Literature: Antonie Leeuwenhoek J Microbiol Serol 33 (1967), 333-340

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