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Species name: Anthracocystis flocculosa (Traquair, L.A. Shaw & Jarvis) M. Lutz & PiÄ…tek
Synonym names: Stephanoascus flocculosus Traquair, L.A. Shaw & Jarvis
Alternate state names: Sporothrix flocculosa Traquair, Shaw & Jarvis

        Alternate state synonyms:

                Pseudozyma flocculosa (Traquair, Shaw & Tarnis) Boekhout & Traquair
Type of organism: Yeast
Name changes: Stephanoascus flocculosus Traquair et al.
Acronyms: IFO 10875, ATCC 64874, CBS 167.88, DAOM 196992
Status: type strain of Pseudozyma flocculosa (Traquair, Shaw & Tarnis) Boekhout & Traquair
Original substratum: red clover (Trifolium pratense)
Geographic Origin: Canada, Ontario
History: L.A. Shaw -> J.A. Traquair LAS-012 -> ATCC -> 1990, IHEM
Literature: Can J Bot 66 (1988), 926-933

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