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Plasmid name: p415-CFP-N for C (LMBP 9735)

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Status: GeneCorner core plasmid
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Cloned DNA: Aequorea victoria green fluorescent protein DNA (GFP); enhanced cyan fluorescent variant (Cerulean), N-terminal fragment, C-terminal
Promoter: Saccharomyces cerevisiae alcohol dehydrogenase promoter (ADH1)
Phage T3 promoter
Phage T7 gene 10 promoter (T7g10); synthetic sequence
Escherichia coli lac operon promoter
binding site:
Terminator: Saccharomyces cerevisiae iso-1-cytochrome C terminator (CYC1)
Selection marker: Ampicillin (amp)
LEU2; auxotrophic
Replicon: Escherichia coli plasmid pMB1 origin
Saccharomyces cerevisiae centromeric region 6 (CEN6)/ S. cerevisiae autonomously replicating sequence ARSH4
Phage f1 origin
Copy number: Low copy number
Host range: Escherichia coli
Saccharomyces cerevisiae; leu2(-)
Parental clone: p415-VF2
Further information: The plasmid was constructed by replacing the VF2 fragment in p415-VF2 by the fragment encoding amino acids 1-172 of Cerulean using BspEI and XhoI.
This plasmid is meant for multicolor bimolecular fluorescence complementation in yeast, which allows the in vivo determination of multiple protein interactions at a time.
The plasmid encodes for Cerulean, which is the "bluest" cyan fluorescent variant of the A. victoria GFP protein.
The N-terminal fragment of the Cerulean coding sequence is preceded by a multiple cloning site.
The gene of interest should be cloned without its stop codon.
The plasmid has been partially sequenced by BCCM/GeneCorner, starting from the T3 and T7 promoter.
Other names of the plasmid are pNS1501 and p415-CFP-N for C term tagging.
EMBL Accession number: -
Latest sequence update: 06/01/2016
Authenticity test: Restriction enzyme pattern analysed at GeneCorner: DraI, KpnI/PvuII, PstI and SacI/XhoI.
Class: Recombinant plasmid
Type: Plasmid
History of deposit: The plasmid was deposited by Prof. Dr Nava Segev(1).
(1) Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, College of Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Plasmid reference: Lipatova et al., Methods Mol. Biol. 1298 (2015), 107-116 [PMID: 25800836] [DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4939-2569-8_9]
Restricted distribution: - BCCM MTA
- The depositor will be informed of the customer's identity upon release of a sample outside the depositor's department or outside the departments in which BCCM/GeneCorner is embedded, namely UGent-DBMB and VIB-IRC.
Distributed as: H/P active culture or plasmid DNA
Host for distribution: Escherichia coli K12 DH5α
Host reference: Focus 8 (1986), 9
Related host reference: Woodcock et al., Nucleic Acids Res. 17 (1989), 3469-3478 [PMID: 2657660]
Rodriguez-Quinones et al., Focus 15 (1993), 110-112
Hanahan, J. Mol. Biol. 166 (1983), 557-580 [PMID: 6345791]
Hanahan, in 'DNA Cloning: A Practical Approach Volume I', IRL Press, Oxford (1985), 109-135 [ISSN/ISBN: 0947946187]
Grant et al., Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 87 (1990), 4645-4649 [PMID: 2162051]
Cultivation medium: LB-Lennox + ampicillin (100 μg/ml)
Cultivation temperature: 37°C
Biosafety level: L1
Other culture collection numbers: -

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p415-CFP-N for C (LMBP 9735) is available at BCCM/GeneCorner. The plasmid was deposited by Prof. Dr Nava Segev and was published in Lipatova et al., 2015.

Note: Up-to-date, validated data are enclosed with the biological material. Nevertheless, these data are a snapshot at a given moment; further updates are always possible.

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