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Plasmid name: pB2H-delta-alfa (LMBP 6700)

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Status: GeneCorner core plasmid
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Cloned DNA: Escherichia coli lac repressor gene (lacI)
Escherichia coli lac Z gene (lacZ); fragment lacking codons 11-41 (lacZΔα)
Promoter: Phage SP6 promoter
Phage T7 gene 10 promoter (T7g10)
Escherichia coli lac operon promoter
Escherichia coli lac repressor promoter (lacI)
Escherichia coli hybrid tryptophan/lacUV5 promoter (tac)
binding site:
Ribosome binding site (RBS) of the Escherichia coli lac Z gene (lacZ)
Terminator: Phage T7 gene 10 terminator (T7g10)
Selection marker: Chloramphenicol (cam)
Replicon: Escherichia coli plasmid p15A origin
Host range: Escherichia coli
Parental clone: pACYCDuet-1Ωtac
Further information: The plasmid was created by cloning the E. coli lacZΔα fragment as a BamHI-NcoI fragment into the pACYCDuet-1Ωtac vector. This parental vector was created by inserting the tac promoter as an EcoRV-PstI fragment from pALTER-Ex1, after deleting the BamHI restriction site, in the pACYCDuet-1 plasmid.
The plasmid can be used in bacterial two-hybrid systems which are based on trans complementation of β-galactosidase (e.g. by co-expression with pB2H-delta-omega in lacZ(-) strains).
The T7 terminator is not functional for this construct.
The nucleotide sequence of this plasmid corresponds with the EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database accession number LT726840.1.
Both the 5' and the 3' end of the E. coli lacZΔα fragment were sequenced by BCCM/GeneCorner.
Name mentioned in Borloo et al. (2007) is pB2HΔα.
EMBL Accession number: LT726840.1, view at EMBL, GenBank, DDBJ
Latest sequence update: 15/06/2010
Authenticity test: Restriction enzyme pattern analysed at GeneCorner: BamI/NcoI, HincII, HindIII and SacI.
Class: Recombinant plasmid
Type: Plasmid
History of deposit: This plasmid was deposited by Prof. Dr B. Devreese(1). It was constructed by J. Borloo(1).
(1) Laboratory for Protein Biochemistry and Protein Engineering, Department of Biochemistry, Physiology and Microbiology, Ghent University, Belgium
Plasmid reference: Borloo et al., J. Proteome Res. 6 (2007), 2587-2595 [PMID: 17539672]
Related plasmid reference: Mayola et al., PLoS ONE 22 (2014), e105578 [PMID: 25147953] [DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0105578]
Restricted distribution: - BCCM MTA
Distributed as: H/P active culture or plasmid DNA
Host for distribution: Escherichia coli K12 MC1061
Host reference: Casadaban et al., J. Mol. Biol. 138 (1980), 179-207 [PMID: 6997493]
Related host reference: Brigé et al., Biochem. J. 394 (2006), 335-344 [PMID: 16293111]
Cultivation medium: LB-Lennox + chloramphenicol (25 μg/ml)
Cultivation temperature: 37°C
Biosafety level: L1
Cultivation remark: -
Other culture collection numbers: -

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pB2H-delta-alfa (LMBP 6700) is available at BCCM/GeneCorner. This plasmid was deposited by Prof. Dr B. Devreese and was published in Borloo et al., 2007.

Note: Up-to-date, validated data are enclosed with the biological material. Nevertheless, these data are a snapshot at a given moment; further updates are always possible.

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