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E. coli strains intended as plasmid hosts can be found in the BCCM/GeneCorner Plasmid Hosts Catalogue.

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Forms of supply

Forms of supply: cultures (freeze-dried, active, frozen) and  genomic DNA (gDNA)



  • Most of our bacterial strains are available as freeze-dried cultures. On average, our ampoules with freeze dried bacteria contain 1010 living cells/ml. One ampoule contains 0.1 ml.

  • In case a strain is not available in freeze-dried form, it will be sent as an actively growing culture without charging additional costs.

  • In case an actively growing culture is requested of a strain for which a freeze-dried culture is available, an additional lab fee cost will be charged. See our pricelist.

  • In exceptional cases, strains need to be sent frozen on dry ice. In such cases, BCCM/LMG will notify the customer prior to shipment.




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