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Name: YCFA medium

Medium number: 1034

Recipe: YCFA Medium

Before Autoclaving

Optional agar 15 g

Tryptone 10 g

Yeast extract 2.5 g

NaHCO3 4.0 g

(D)+Glucose 2.0 g

(D)+Maltose 2.0 g

(D)+Cellobiose 2.0 g

L-cysteine 1.0 g

Mineral Solution I 150 ml

Mineral Solution II 150 ml

Resazurin Solution 1.0 ml

Haemin Solution 10 ml

Vitamin solution I 1.0 ml

d.H2O up to 1L

VFA mix 6.2 ml

NaOH Adjust pH to 7.45

After Autoclaving

Vitamin solution II 1.0 ml

Resazurin Solution

Resazurin 0.1g

d.H2O 100ml

Mineral Solution I:

K2HPO4 3g

d.H2O 1L

Mineral Solution II:

KH2PO4 3g

(NH4)2SO4 6g

NaCl 6g

MgSO4 0.6g

CaCl2 (dry) 0.6g

d.H2O 1L

VFA mix:

Acetic acid 17ml

Propionic acid 6ml

n-Valeric acid 1ml

Isovaleric acid 1ml

Isobutyric acid 1ml

Haemin Solution:

KOH 0.28g

Ethanol 95% 25ml

Haemin 0.1g

d.H2O up to 100 ml

Vitamin Solution I:

Biotin 5mg

Cobalamin (Vitamin B12) 5mg

PABA (4-Aminobenzoic Acid) 15mg

Folic acid 25mg

Pyridoxine 75mg

d.H2O up to 500ml

Vitamin Solution II:

Thiamine hydrochloride 25mg

Riboflavin 25mg

d.H2O up to 500ml