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Name: Modified NaCl-dANMS medium

Medium number: 1035

Recipe: Stock solution 1 (50x salt stock)

MgSO4 x7 H2O :10g/L

CaCl2 x2 H2O : 1.5g/L

Stock solution 2 :100mM FeNaEDTA

Stock solution 3 : 100mM KH2PO4

Stock solution 4 : 10mM CuSO4 x 5H2O

Trace elements solution (according to dNMS medium)

Na2EDTA x2 H2O 0.5g/L

FeSO4 x 7H2O 0.2g/L

H3BO3 0.03g/L

CoCL2 x 6H2O 0.02g/L

ZnSO4 x 7H2O 0.01g/L

MnCl2 x 4H2O 0.003g/L

NaMoO4 x 2H2O 0.003g/L

NiCl2 x 6H2O 0.002 g/L

Lanthanide solution

100┬ÁM of the lanthanides CeCl3 x 7H2O, LaCl3, NdCl3 x 6H2O, PrCl3

Stock solution 5 : NaCl : 30g/100mL (30%)

Stock solution 6 : 100mM NH4Cl

Stock solution 7 : 100mM KNO3

Hepes solution (100mM)

Medium preparation:

dilute 20 ml of stock solution 1, 100 ml of stock solution 5, 50 ml of HEPES solution, 20 ml of solution 6 and 7 and 10 ml of solution 3 to 800 ml

Add 1ml trace element solution

Add 0,4 ml stock solution 2

Add 0,1 ml solution 4

add 1 ml Lanthanide solution

Dissolve and bring to 1L

Adjust pH to 7.8 with HCl or NaOH.

Autoclave medium