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Name: 3.8M CM1

Medium number: 1063

Recipe: 3.8M CM1 (To prepare 1L)

829mL of 30% Salt Water (see below)

5mL of 23% MGM (see below)

55mL of deionized water

100mL of 250mM pyruvate

After autoclaving add the following from sterile stocks:

5mL 1M NH4Cl

2mL 0.5M K2HPO4

0.5mL 10X AML60 Solution C (see below)

0.5mL 10X AML60 Solution D (see below)

3mL 1000X Vitamin Solution (see below)

30% Salt Water (1L):

240g NaCl

24.87g MgCl2 * 6H2O

29.015g MgSO4*7H2O

Dissolve salts completely then add 5mL CaCl2*H2O from a sterile 1M stock. Adjust pH to 7.5

23% MGM (100mL)

76.7mL 30% Salt Water

20mL deionized water

0.5g peptone (Don't use Difco Bacto-peptone, it was reported in 1988 to contain bile salts that lyse halobacteria, this was still the case in 2001)

0.1g yeast extract

Adjust pH to 7.5

AML60 Solution C (amounts are g/L for a 10X solution)

1.9g CoCl2*6H2O

1.0g MnCl2*4H2O

0.7g ZnCl2

0.06g H3BO3

0.36g Na2MoO4*2H2O

0.36g NiCl2*6H2O

0.02g CuCl2*H2O

AML60 Solution D (amounts are g/L for a 10X solution)

1.5g Ferrous Sulfate

99mL deionized water

1mL 1N sulfuric acid

Vitamin Solution (1L in H2O)

13mg p-aminobenzoic acid

33mg nicotinic acid

17mg hemicalcium D-(+)-pantothenate

33mg thiamine hydrochloride

17mg cyanocobalamin

10mg riboflavin