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Medium number: 274

Recipe: Agar base:

Agar 7,5 g

Distilled water 250 ml

Solution A:

Yeast extract (Oxoid) 25 g

Distilled water 100 ml

Solution B:

Glucose 25 g

Distilled water 100 ml

Sterilize the agar base by autoclaving and cool to 60°C. Sterilize solution A and solution B by filtration.

Aseptically add 10 ml of A and 10 ml of B to 250 ml low-fat UHT milk. Mix well and add very slowly 2 ml of 20% glacial acetic acid while shaking. Adjust pH to 5,4. Aseptically add 250 ml of the agar base solution. Shake and immediately poor into plates.