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Name: Chopped Meat

Medium number: 40

Recipe: Ground beef (fat free) 500 g

1N NaOH 25 ml

Distilled water up to 1 L

Use lean beef or horse meat. Remove fat and connective tissue before grinding. Mix meat, water and NaOH, then boil for 15 minutes while stirring. Cool to room temperature, skim fat off surface, and filter, retaining both meat particles and filtrate. To the filtrate add water to a final volume of 1 liter, then add:

Casitone 30 g

Yeast extract 5 g

K2HPO4 5 g

Resazurin 1 mg

Boil, cool, add 0,5 g cystein hydrochloride and adjust pH to 7,0. Dispense 7 ml into tubes containing meat particles (use 1 part meat particles to 4 or 5 parts fluid). Autoclave at 121°C for 30 minutes. If needed, add 15 g agar per liter medium.