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Speciesname: Bradyrhizobium oligotrophicum (Ohta and Hattori 1985) Ramirez-Bahena, Chahboune, Peix and Velazquez 2013 VP
Objective synonyms: Agromonas oligotrophica Ohta and Hattori 1985 VL
Other collections' numbers: ATCC 43045; Hattori strain S58; JCM 1494; NCIMB 12151
Restrictions: Biohazard group 1
Status: Type strain
Biological origin: paddy field soil
Geographic origin: Miyagi Prefecture Japan
Depositor: van Bruggen A., University of California
History: <- 1990, van Bruggen A., University of California
Conditions for growth: Medium 360, 28°C
Properties: Fixation of nitrogen