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Last data update: 03 March 2021 04:13 CET  

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Speciesname: "Acinetobacter genospecies 6 (Bouvet and Grimont 1986) Bouvet and Jeanjean 1989"
Other collections' numbers: ATCC 17979; Bouvet and Grimont 46; CIP A165; Dijkshoorn serial no. 68; Hugh 2392; LMG 10578; NCDC KC754; Piéchaud A165; RUH 2867; strain gorge S
Restrictions: Opportunistic pathogen
Biological origin: Human, throat
Depositor: Torry Research Station
History: <- 1967, Torry Research Station (Moraxella glucidolytica var. liquefaciens) <- ATCC <- M.Piéchaud <- L.Second
Conditions for growth: Medium 1, Medium 4, Medium 7, 30°C
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