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Speciesname: Arcobacter cryaerophilus (Neill, Campbell, O'Brien, Wheatherup and Ellis 1985) Vandamme, Falsen, Rossau, Hoste, Segers, Tytgat and De Ley 1991 VP
Objective synonyms: Campylobacter cryaerophilus Neill, Campbell, O'Brien, Wheatherup and Ellis 1985 VP
Other collections' numbers: ATCC 49615; CDC D2610
Genome sequenced strain: Yes
Restrictions: Biohazard group 2
Biological origin: human, blood
Geographic origin: United States
Depositor: Kiehlbauch J.
History: <- 1990, Kiehlbauch J. (Campylobacter sp.)
Conditions for growth: Medium 49, 37°C, microaerobic (e.g. 6% O2 + 7.5% H2 + 4% CO2 + 82.5% N2)
Remarks: Vandamme et al. subgroup 2
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