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Speciesname: Gracilibacillus dipsosauri (Lawson, Deutch and Collins 1996) Wainø, Tindall, Schumann and Ingvorsen 1999 VP
Objective synonyms: Bacillus dipsosauri Lawson, Deutch and Collins 1996 VL
Other collections' numbers: ATCC 700347; CIP 105095; Deutch DD1; DSM 11125; NCFB 3027
Restrictions: Biohazard group 1
Status: Type strain
Biological origin: Desert iguana (Dipsosaurus dorsalis), nasal salt glands
Isolated by: Deutch C.
Depositor: National Collection of Food Bacteria (NCFB)
History: <- 1996, National Collection of Food Bacteria (NCFB) (Bacillus dipsosauri) <- Deutch C.
Conditions for growth: Medium 256, 30°C
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