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Speciesname: Lonsdalea quercina (Hildebrandt and Schroth 1967) Brady, Cleenwerck, Denman, Venter, Rodríguez-Palenzuela, Coutinho and De Vos 2012VP emend. Li, Xue, Guo, Koltay, Palacio-Bielsa, Chang, Xie and Yang 2017 VP
Objective synonyms: Brenneria quercina (Hildebrand and Schroth 1967) Hauben, Moore, Vauterin, Steenackers, Mergaert, Verdonck and Swings 1999 VL
Other collections' numbers: ATCC 29282; Dye FB2; Dye FB4; Hildebrand strain C; ICMP 1846; ICMP 1919; ICPB EQ102; NCPPB 1853; PDDCC 1846; PDDCC 1919
Restrictions: Biohazard group 1
Biological origin: Quercus sp.
Geographic origin: United States
Isolated by: Hildebrand D.
Depositor: ?NCPPB
History: <- ?NCPPB (Erwinia quercina) <- 1966, ICPB <- Hildebrand D. (1963)
Conditions for growth: Medium 14, Medium 6, 28°C
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