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Speciesname: Rhodococcus fascians (Tilford 1936) Goodfellow 1984 VL
Objective synonyms: Corynebacterium fascians (Tilford 1936) Dowson 1942 AL
Subjective synonyms: Rhodococcus luteus (ex Söhngen 1913) Nesterenko, Nogina, Kasumova, Kvasnikov and Batrakov 1982 VP
Other collections' numbers: Dowson D156; NCPPB 156; USCC 1408
Restrictions: Biohazard group 1
Biological origin: Chrysanthemum morifolium
Geographic origin: United Kingdom
Depositor: Dowson W.
History: <- before 1967, Dowson W. (Corynebacterium fascians) <- S.Jacobs
Conditions for growth: Medium 6, 28°C
Remarks: See also LMG 3605
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