BCCM/MUCL culture media

Last data update: 18 June 2021 07:57 CEST  

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Short name: V8 then WA


Medium number: 600

Recipe: 1°) Isolates were cultured on V8 pH 7.2 in Petri dishes at 25°C and exposed 12 (night) hours to UV.

2°) After 5 to 7 days growth, aerial structures were removed by scrapping the colony surface with the flamed end of a microscope slide.

3°) Discs were cut near the colony margin with a flamed cork borer, and the discs transferred in Petri dishes containing WA medium.

4°) the WA plates were in cubated in the dark at 16°C.

V8 juice - 200 ml

CaCO3 - 2.0 g

Agar - 15 g

water - 800 ml

agar - 20 g

water - 1 L